Family dinners around the table

Hot Desking: Is This Office Layout A Fit For Your Business?

When designing a commercial fitout for an office, whether it is a revamp of an existing office or for new premises being moved into, it is important you consider more than just a traditional office look. For example, as a busy business owner who wants to revamp the layout of their office, are you familiar with the concept of hot desking? If not, hot desking is the term given to an office where desks are used by any staff member rather than each desk being assigned to a particular person. Read More 

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Family dinners around the table

Sitting around the dinner, sharing the highs and lows of your day, is part of the glue that holds a family together. A beautiful and well built dining table helps set the scene for those meals and will be the backdrop for many of the memories your family will have of their family dinners. If you want to have a fantastic family dining table then read on. I have been researching the benefits of different materials, different types of woods and different sizes of table. It's a big decision but it's an item you use every day so it's worth getting it right!