Family dinners around the table

How to Get the Most Storage From Your Bedroom Furniture

Most people need lots of storage in the bedroom, not just for clothes but also for shoes, accessories, jewellery, linens and so much more. Having these items strewn about the bedroom because you don't have proper storage can make the space seem stressful and not ready for sleeping, so note a few suggestions for getting the most storage from your bedroom furniture pieces. Seating Many people like to have a chair in the bedroom so they can sit down when dressing or undressing without crumpling the bed linens or waking a partner. Read More 

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Family dinners around the table

Sitting around the dinner, sharing the highs and lows of your day, is part of the glue that holds a family together. A beautiful and well built dining table helps set the scene for those meals and will be the backdrop for many of the memories your family will have of their family dinners. If you want to have a fantastic family dining table then read on. I have been researching the benefits of different materials, different types of woods and different sizes of table. It's a big decision but it's an item you use every day so it's worth getting it right!