Family dinners around the table

Property Owners: Four Essential Pieces of Furniture You Need to Make Your Flat Inviting to People in Wheelchairs

If you own a furnished flat or an executive rental, consider investing in furniture that makes your space accessible to people in wheelchairs. By increasing the accessibility of your flat, you help to increase your available pool of tenants and thus your potential for greater profits. Here are four types of furniture to consider buying: 1. Lift chairs Designed for people in wheelchairs as well as for people with strength and mobility issues, lift chairs help make the transition from standing to sitting and from sitting to standing easier for people. Read More 

Technology friendly library furniture configurations for universities

As any librarian well knows, libraries are no longer dusty repositories of books but are centres for learning and discovery. More and more the process is a multimedia one, with student simultaneously working on multiple screens, or across books and screens. As such the library landscape is changing and the furniture setups can also be used to make the library a perfect learning environments: Computer labs Most libraries have a bank of computers, which can still be extremely useful for students without access to a computer or students who require specialist software (such as engineering labs or the law databases). Read More 

2 Things To Consider Before You Paint Wood Furniture

When you are about to undertake a DIY project painting your wood furniture, you shouldn't begin until you have a firm grasp of the basics. So if this is your first time painting your furniture, here are two important things to consider before you begin the process. PAINT TYPE Latex The first thing you need to consider is what kind of paint you want to use on your wood furniture. There are two main types of paint on the market, latex and oil-based paint. Read More 

Why Teak Makes the Best Outdoor Furniture

Teak is one of the tropical hardwoods that make great outdoor furniture. Teak is native to south and southeast Asia although it is grown around the world for commercial purposes making it widely available. If you are looking for the ideal material for your patio furniture, you should choose teak for the following reasons. Aesthetic Appeal Wooden furniture is very attractive in general. Teak in particular has an attractive grain pattern in a rich golden brown color. Read More 

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Family dinners around the table

Sitting around the dinner, sharing the highs and lows of your day, is part of the glue that holds a family together. A beautiful and well built dining table helps set the scene for those meals and will be the backdrop for many of the memories your family will have of their family dinners. If you want to have a fantastic family dining table then read on. I have been researching the benefits of different materials, different types of woods and different sizes of table. It's a big decision but it's an item you use every day so it's worth getting it right!