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Hot Desking: Is This Office Layout A Fit For Your Business?

When designing a commercial fitout for an office, whether it is a revamp of an existing office or for new premises being moved into, it is important you consider more than just a traditional office look. For example, as a busy business owner who wants to revamp the layout of their office, are you familiar with the concept of hot desking? If not, hot desking is the term given to an office where desks are used by any staff member rather than each desk being assigned to a particular person. Because there are advantages and disadvantages to this office layout type, now is a good time to consider whether this concept works for you.

Hot Desking Benefits

The biggest advantage of hot desking is the amount of money you can save on office furniture and walls during your commercial fitout. There are no individual offices, so you do not need to pay for walls to be built. This is a saving of costs for both materials and labour. Additionally, because no one person is assigned a desk, it is not necessary to have fancier desks or chairs for staff in managerial positions. All staff have access to the same desks and chairs. This also works in your favour as you can negotiate a discount for the bulk purchase of one particular design. Hot desking gives you the opportunity to create a clean, modern look within an office without an obvious hierarchy among the staff. Mentally, it encourages flexibility within your staff and the opportunity to have open communication with their colleagues.

Hot Desking Negatives

The most common complaint about hot desking comes from the staff member who likes to personalize their work area with family photos and other mementos from home. However, this can be addressed when you discuss the office furniture needs with the furniture supplier. Each staff member can be assigned a rolling set of drawers that fits underneath whichever work station they are working at on a given day. The drawers can be decorated on the sides with family photos and can store stationery and personal items such as coffee cups.

Have a chat with your commercial fitout team about how a completely open planned office would look within your premises. If it looks to be a viable option, then investigate more the benefits of hot desking so that you can reduce your office furniture costs while encouraging your staff to have more interaction with each other.

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