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How to Get the Most Storage From Your Bedroom Furniture

Most people need lots of storage in the bedroom, not just for clothes but also for shoes, accessories, jewellery, linens and so much more. Having these items strewn about the bedroom because you don't have proper storage can make the space seem stressful and not ready for sleeping, so note a few suggestions for getting the most storage from your bedroom furniture pieces.


Many people like to have a chair in the bedroom so they can sit down when dressing or undressing without crumpling the bed linens or waking a partner. For your bedroom, choose an ottoman or storage bench instead of a chair so you can store linens, shoes and other such items inside.


A standard dresser that is short and wide may not actually provide the storage you need; instead, opt for something taller and more narrow, as this can help you to better organise small items like T-shirts and shorts. A tall and narrow dresser may also fit better in a smaller room or in a corner. You might also glue or screw hooks into the side of a dresser to hang necklaces, scarves, hats, handbags or sunglasses. The height of a tall dresser allows you to easily hang more of these accessories without having them get crowded and cluttered while keeping them at your fingertips.


An oversized headboard with shelves can offer lots of storage for books and small accessories, but if you prefer a more uncluttered look in the bedroom, choose a headboard with sliding or hinged doors to cover those shelves. This will ensure you have the storage space you need while everything is still hidden away.


A bed with built-in storage drawers offers lots of room for storage, but these beds can also be a bit expensive. If you can't afford that style, choose a frame with taller legs so you can keep items stored under the bed. Measure the clearance space and then invest in decorative baskets of that height for storing linens, shoes and accessories.

You can even get creative and make your own storage accessories; collect old dresser drawers, repaint the front, add an attractive handle and then screw casters to the bottom to create a rolling storage caddy for storage under the bed! You can do the same with small wood crates or boxes or even use scrap wood to build your own boxes for convenient storage under the bed.

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Family dinners around the table

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