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Five Tips for Helping Your Trailer Canopy Last Longer

A trailer canopy provides valuable shade when you are out camping. Love your canopy? Want to make sure that it stands the test of time? Here are some tips to help:

1. Always invest in quality.

If you haven't bought your trailer canopy yet, make sure that you invest in quality. Look for a canopy made of weather-resistant, UV-resistant material. Also, look for a sturdy frame to support your canopy.

2. Never store the canopy while it's wet.

If it rains on your canopy, let it dry thoroughly before rolling it up. If you roll the canopy up when you put it away, it may harbour water, which can potentially create mildew or attract mold spores. That can easily ruin your canopy. If you have to take off whilst the canopy is wet, try to dry it with towels to remove as much water as possible. Then, unfurl it as soon as you get to your next location and try to dry it in a sunny spot.

3. Don't leave your trailer canopy out and unattended.

If you are leaving your trailer to take a hike, drive to a shop for more supplies or for any other reason, roll up the canopy. If the wind kicks up whilst you are gone, it could easily rip or otherwise damage the canopy. Note that an automatic canopy can make rolling it up easier, sa they are connected to motors and remotes.

4. Protect your canopy from wind with supports.

Ideally, you should always put away your canopy in heavy winds. However, if there are relatively mild winds with the odd gust or two, you may just want to anchor the canopy. You can buy guy ropes that attach to the corner of the canopy and get planted into the ground. Alternatively, you can also buy clips that prevent the trim or front flap of the canopy from blowing in the wind. If the front flap blows around, repeatedly hitting the frame, it could get damaged.

5. Clean with gentle soap and water.

On the road, your canopy may get splattered with dirt or debris even when it is closed. Additional, oily residue may build up on it. To ensure these things don't degrade the quality of your canopy, clean it on a regular basis. Don't use harsh chemicals or scrub brushes. Instead, use gentle soap, water and a soft rag.

For more tips on helping your trailer canopy last as long as possible, contact a trailer canopy specialist.

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