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Don't Let Your Water Feature Fall Short When Selling Your House During Winter

Selling your home during the winter months isn't the easiest of tasks thanks to the cooler, overcast days casting their shadows over your home. However, sometimes you cannot help the timing of life events, and it is important that all parts of your home are shown off to the best of their potential. Your garden water feature is one home aspect that does not look its best over winter, but you can easily change this with a little regular effort.

Keep It Free Of Debris

You can't show off your water feature if it is filled with leaves and other foliage debris. It is important you remove these not only for aesthetic purposes but also because they can block the pump line that moves the water through the feature. If the water can't move, it stagnates and algae will grow.

No buyer is going to be excited about a water feature filled with debris and algae, but removing the leaves every second day will stop the water line getting clogged. Make sure you wear gloves while cleaning out the leaves in case any of them have bat guano on them. Bat guano won't make you seriously ill if you come into contact with it, but it is always better to be safe than sorry when handling animal faeces.

Take Care Of The Pump

When the nighttime temperatures start to drop below freezing, it is important that you switch the pump of your water feature off. Water can freeze within the pump line when the temps plummet below zero Celsius. However, the pump will continue to try to move the water even though it is frozen in place. This can cause the pump motor to burn out, and you will then need to replace the motor before a potential buyer asks to see the water feature in action. Plug the pump into a timer that can run it during the afternoon while you are at work rather than at night when it is too cold. This way the water continues to circulate and keep the feature looking fresh without worry of it getting frozen.

While you may have previously winterised your water feature by draining it, cleaning it and leaving it empty over the cold months, a running water feature will add to the value of your home. states that having a water feature in your garden can "make your home feel like a tropical holiday retreat." An active water feature that can create retreat visions has a better chance of selling your home than an empty, debris-filled one. Take the time to care for your water feature while your home is on the market this winter because it may just make all the difference in how long you have to wait for an offer.

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