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Property Owners: Four Essential Pieces of Furniture You Need to Make Your Flat Inviting to People in Wheelchairs

If you own a furnished flat or an executive rental, consider investing in furniture that makes your space accessible to people in wheelchairs. By increasing the accessibility of your flat, you help to increase your available pool of tenants and thus your potential for greater profits. Here are four types of furniture to consider buying:

1. Lift chairs

Designed for people in wheelchairs as well as for people with strength and mobility issues, lift chairs help make the transition from standing to sitting and from sitting to standing easier for people. These chairs also make the journey from sitting in a wheelchair to sitting in a regular chair easier.

Best of all, most lift chairs look just like regular furniture so they blend in if you rent the flat to someone who doesn't need that type of assistance.

2. Spacious dining tables

To conserve space, many flats have breakfast bars with stools rather than kitchen tables. If you own a flat that has a breakfast bar with a high countertop in it, keep in mind that these eating areas are not accessible for people in wheelchairs.

If you want to attract as many tenants as possible to your unit, consider modifying your breakfast bar so that it is low enough for someone in a wheelchair to use it, but also make sure it offers ample room for a wheelchair to be parked underneath it as well.

Alternatively, if you have space, invest in a dining table, and make sure it has the height and width to accommodate someone in a wheelchair.

3. Adjustable desks

Just as you want a dining table that can accommodate someone in a wheelchair, you also need a desk that can accommodate someone in a wheelchair. This piece of furniture is especially essential if you own an executive flat, and you are trying to attract business people.

Keep in mind that wheelchairs are not all the same height. Because of that, you want a desk that can be raised and lowered easily as desired.

4. Handicapped accessible beds

Finally, consider the beds you offer in your flat. If you want to attract renters in wheelchairs, consider replacing your conventional bed with an adjustable bed. Look for rails along the bed that make transfer from a wheelchair to the bed easier.

Also look for heavy duty frames that offer stability as well as style. Finally, consider a bariatric foam mattress. These mattresses give people with mobility issues the support they need for their joints, and they can be comfortably used by people who do not have mobility concerns as well.

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