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Technology friendly library furniture configurations for universities

As any librarian well knows, libraries are no longer dusty repositories of books but are centres for learning and discovery. More and more the process is a multimedia one, with student simultaneously working on multiple screens, or across books and screens. As such the library landscape is changing and the furniture setups can also be used to make the library a perfect learning environments:

Computer labs

Most libraries have a bank of computers, which can still be extremely useful for students without access to a computer or students who require specialist software (such as engineering labs or the law databases). Be sure to keep these labs free of people casually surfing the net by blocking common time hogs such as social media or adult sites.

Consider expanding the computer labs with a technological library of laptops and tablets that can be used while in the library. Many of the student textbooks offer supplementary material via online sites so having the functionality to explore these sites can increase the learning potential of your texts.

In addition many lecturers are now putting their lectures and notes online so that students can access and review the course material at their own convenience, making multimedia a firm prescience in the academic world.

Supportive desks

For people using desks around the library on a laptop, the configuration is often not that ergonomically friendly. Mix it up by offering some standing desks and some adjustable stands so that people that are reading from a tablet can angle it to a comfortable reading angle and not need to strain.

Equally, for people spending long periods typing a thesis having some mouses and keyboards available for loan can be very useful. Bearing in mind the requirement to charge multiple devices having building in power boards around the library can stop students feuding over whom is in the direst need of the plug! Why not have some of the most common chargers on hand to lend out as well.

Quiet zones

The sounds of multiple devices can be very distracting for some students. Have some enforced quiet zones where no one can be having group discussions, and so sounds louder than a whisper can be heard. Have some noise cancelling headphones available for lending so that students needing absolute quiet can also find a great studying environment.

A library with full technology integration software can be an asset to any university. Small changes to your existing set up can be an easy and cost-effective upgrade option. For more help, try contacting a company for deciding what best library furniture setups would work for you.

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