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2 Things To Consider Before You Paint Wood Furniture

When you are about to undertake a DIY project painting your wood furniture, you shouldn't begin until you have a firm grasp of the basics. So if this is your first time painting your furniture, here are two important things to consider before you begin the process.



The first thing you need to consider is what kind of paint you want to use on your wood furniture. There are two main types of paint on the market, latex and oil-based paint. Latex paint is made with water and is the most common and popular type of paint for furniture because it is easy to use, has an outstanding dry rate and won't emit toxic fumes. But because latex paint doesn't dry well in cold temperatures, any outdoor furniture you're painting may be better served by you using oil-based paint, because cold temperature will affect the manner in which the latex paint not only dries, but could also create bumps and spots on the furniture.


Oil-based paint is sourced from chemicals and oils and has no water. It is ideal for outdoor furniture, because unlike latex paint, it dries and cures well in both hot and cold temperatures. The other advantage of oil-based paint for your wood is that it forms a thicker coat on your furniture, which makes the paint last much longer and also makes it more resistant to moisture and temperature variations. The finish you'll get from oil-based paint is smoother and more polished than what you can achieve with latex paint. However, the drawback oil paint is that it has a very strong scent that lingers for quite awhile, and that smell will permeate your furniture.



The other important consideration in wood furniture paint is deciding what type of finish you want to achieve, namely, a high sheen or one that is more muted. Eggshell finish has a very low sheen, which means that it won't dazzle the eye. In fact the term 'eggshell' comes from the way the shell of an egg looks, which isn't exactly dull, but is flat with a slight sheen to it. Eggshell is good for outdoor wood furniture, because it won't appear too bright on sunny days and isn't dull on grey days.

High Gloss

High gloss is ideal for indoor wood furniture that is dark, because the high level of sheen and polish can enliven the room and make it look brighter. High gloss makes your wood furniture have a great reflective quality, but it also reveals imperfections in both the wood and in the paint job, so you have to be very diligent when applying this paint, or you risk exposing the blemishes of your furniture to the outside world.

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