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Why Teak Makes the Best Outdoor Furniture

Teak is one of the tropical hardwoods that make great outdoor furniture. Teak is native to south and southeast Asia although it is grown around the world for commercial purposes making it widely available. If you are looking for the ideal material for your patio furniture, you should choose teak for the following reasons.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wooden furniture is very attractive in general. Teak in particular has an attractive grain pattern in a rich golden brown color. There are many types of hardwoods but teak stands out from the rest specifically because of its beauty. Coupled with the efforts of a good carpenter, you can get elegant and quality pieces made for your home


Hardwoods are widely known for their durability as compared to newly engineered wood alternatives for furniture making. Even in comparison to other hardwood trees, teak is very strong and durable.  Teak furniture can last for over a hundred years with the proper care.

Natural Resistance to Insects, Rot and Decay

One of the biggest worries about using wood for outdoor furniture is exposure to damaging insects such as termites. What makes teak unique is its natural oil content that resists these insects that destroy wood and even fungal stains. The high density of the timber also prevents it from decaying easily. With a natural resistance to alkaline and acid substance, it does not spoil or stain easily. These qualities contribute greatly to the longevity of teak furniture.

Weather Resistant

You need to have outdoor furniture made out of weather resistant materials since the furniture is exposed to rainfall, sunlight and even extreme conditions such as snow. First, teak moderates heat so it does not become too hot or cold depending on the weather. The material also strongly resists moisture and water preventing it from warping and rotting. This is why it makes the best quality outdoor furniture.

Easy to Maintain

Since teak furniture is so durable and sturdy, you may not need to put it in storage during extreme weather. However, you will need to move the furniture to a sheltered area if the design features other materials that can be damaged such as iron with may rust or upholstery. It is high density, tensile strength reduces the risk of damage, and you will rarely find yourself having to repair the furniture. Currently, carpenters use a quality finish that makes it extremely easy to clean the furniture. All you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. 

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